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About us

Welcome to the Montparnasse Gallery of 1930s Art Deco Furnishing.

BEATA SZABÓ owner of the gallery grew up in Budapest and moved to Paris in 1989 where she studied Linguistics at the Sorbonne University. Living in France she discovered her passion for Art Deco and antique furniture. Once back in Budapest in 1994, she created MONTPARNASSE LTD, specializing in antique French Art Deco furniture. As the owner of an antique furniture store and having a real passion for Art Deco she travels the world to find the best pieces of this style. Being fluent in German, French, English (and of course in Hungarian) and having a degree in Interior Design with the Rhodec Interior Design School, Brighton, she provides the best service for clients selling Art Deco furniture to some of the most beautiful homes around the World.

Montparnasse furniture gallery is ideally situated in the very heart of Europe, in Budapest, Hungary, in the center of the capital just one street off the Parlament building. Visiting the showroom you will discover a large variety of authentic and antique furniture from the 1930s Art Deco era. The antique Art Deco furnishing inventory in the shop is sophisticated, light and elegant, using simple geometric or dynamic curved lines and are made with only the highest quality. As this style can be easily combined with the most recent – even the minimalist - design pieces we keep in stock up-to-date design furniture and interior decoration. We’d like to mix the sumptuous luxury of antique Art Deco with the sophisticated extravagance of the modern interior design. So we’d like to serve the lovers of antique pieces and modern furniture as well.

Please visit our online collection and you will find everything from antique chest of drawers to bars and trolleys, complete French Art Deco dining sets, a beautiful selection of seatings, sideboards, tables and desks ideal for not only apartments but offices as well while our Art Deco accessories – 1930s Art Deco mirrors, lighting, poster art, etc, - will compliment any room in your home.

Worldwide shipping!

Montparnasse provides world wide shipping for any item in our inventory - regardless of any size or weight consideration. Your selected item(s) will be professionaly packaged & shipped and is guaranteed to arrive safely at your home or office. If you would like a complimentary quote simply contact us and a staff member will be happy to help you.